There are many options to make corporate yoga work for your office. Whether employees would rather have a vigorous practice or a therapeutic practice, Cynthia will make sure employees leave the session feeling refreshed and focused.

Accessible programs for all levels:

De-stress Stretch & Meditation (30 mins)- An intro to guided meditation and breath work. Learn how to incorporate meditation in your every day life. Session begins with stretching to release tension and prepare the body and mind for a grounding meditation. 

Office De-stress: Desk and Chair Yoga/Meditation (30 mins)- Learn mind, body and breath awareness tools for stress intervention  right at your desk. Session incorporates movement, stretching, and breath work techniques that can be used right at your desk to help de-stress, recharge, and build focus.

Energize & Awaken: Sunrise Yoga & Meditation (30/50 mins)- A perfect way to start your work day! This well-rounded vinyasa flow class incorporates deep stretching, strength building and meditation. You will leave class feeling energized, open, and grounded to start your day on the right foot.

Energy Recharge Flow Yoga (30/50 mins)- A well-rounded vinyasa flow yoga class (movement guided my breath) designed to reinvigorate your body. Session includes guided breathing, stretching, and strengthening.

Total Balance Yoga (30/50 mins)- A well-rounded vinyasa flow yoga class (movement guided my breath) designed to reinvigorate and balance your body. Session includes guided breathing, stretching, strengthening and relaxation. 

Want to offer something different or more specific for your office?  Cynthia will be more than happy to create a session tailor fit to your office's needs. 


$85 per 50 minute session, $50 per 30 minute session.

Class packages available upon request.



Yoga can be offered to anyone and everyone. Cynthia's extensive clientele list includes both men and women of all ages with a wide variety of specific needs. She has experience in working with people with back injuries, cancer, anxiety, and more. 

Private sessions can be offered in the home of the individual or in a rented space (fees may apply).


Single Private (50 minutes): $120 on-location, $95 in studio

Single Private Packages (50 minutes): 5 classes for $450, 10 classes for $800.

Small Group Private (50 minutes): $120 on-location, $95 in studio

1 In-Studio Yoga Session
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1 On-Location Yoga Session

One hour session on location

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